Kenyon Ranges

Kenyon Fabricating builds vertical pin tenter frames and ovens for use in the textile finishing industry.

The Kenyon name has long been associated with machinery that provides years of constant and reliable operation. We use the same designs and techniques originally developed by D.R. Kenyon and Sons to provide the same quality of machinery expected of a Kenyon range.

Kenyon tenter frames are among the most ruggend on the market and are used to run some of the strongest materials in the textile industry.

Kenyon ovens are designed to provide consistent and even airflow while also remaining energy efficient.

Kenyon Fabricating is able to provide new custom solutions for your fabric handling and finishing needs on woven, non-woven, carpeting, and technical textiles.

Do you have need of a custom or in-house designed machine, we can help with fabricating custom equipment.

We are able to provide consulting, design services, and manufacturing of new machinery. We can provide control design services also, or work with your own in-house or third-party automation provider.

We are proud to be a North Carolina based company and we manufacture all of our machinery here in the USA.